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new server IPs

Mar 13 2015 11:08 PM | thecharrr in Articles and

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Broken Bank

Feb 17 2015 01:52 PM | Alpha Toon in Articles

As some of you already know, the bank on Paralake is broken. It should be fixed on the next restart, but we won't know for sure until the restart happens. Just bear with us and refrain from robbing the bank until we are 100% sure that it's fixed.

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"Need Content Ideas!", more informa...

Feb 16 2015 10:45 PM | Sparks in Articles

If you're gonna tell us to add "a bigger better map", or such "suggestions", at least give us links to "bigger better maps", or find a mapper, and pay him yourself to create a map. Maps costs hundreds of dollars if you want quality and size.

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Fixes and shit

Feb 16 2015 03:39 PM | Sparks in Articles

Fixes done on Paralake:
  • Fixed the Subaru BRZ not saving gas.

  • Fixed jailcells breaking all the time
  • Fixed bank vault most likely being broken all the time
Update on Paralake :
  • Added J&M Glass Company to be buyable.

More to come.

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Presidents Day

Feb 16 2015 08:28 AM | RedMist in Articles

25% off anything in store for presidents day.

Coupon code: presidentsdaysale

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Need Content Ideas!

Feb 15 2015 03:25 PM | CrystalFire in Articles

So as said by the title, we need your (good) ideas for content to be on the server. As alot of people say we don't have enough so now is your chance to get more! (click here for more details)

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Sunday Sale

Feb 15 2015 11:21 AM | RedMist in Articles

Use coupon code:


for 50% off anything in the store today only.

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Who do I go to?

Jan 28 2015 06:39 PM | Lt. Dan in Articles

Here is a brief guide to let people know who to contact for certain problems.

I have a problem with a certain Staff member, who do I talk to?

Savage or myself (Dan). We are both Head Administrators and in control of the Staff members of PG. If you have an issue with one, or more, of them you should always make a post here in the provided section of the forums so we can document everything.

Something is broken in the game, how can I get it fixed?

Sparks quit. So, I don't know what to do. Try and contact Ross, I guess.
I have a problem with a certain player I would like to address, what should I do?

Any Staff member can, and should, be contacted if you have a problem with another player. Of course there is the in-game option of sending a report for an immediate response from one of the Staff, but if none are available or answering you should post your complaint here.

Any other questions or concerns? Please post them below and I will address them in this topic.

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Account creation fixed

Jan 14 2015 02:32 PM | Sparks in Articles

After months of attempts, the character creation is finally fixed.
I've had to modify a lot of files to make everything compatible together, but overall there should be no gameplay issues.

For those of you who HAD a broken account that I MANUALLY FIXED , you'll lose your levels, inventory, and you will be given the old character you used to have. You'll need to contact me on Steam or on the forums with what you had on that account so I can transfer it to your old account.

For those of you who HAD a broken account that I DID NOT MANUALLY FIX, your account will be just the way it was, starting from scratch as you were. You will not need to contact me.

For those of you who didn't have any of the above issues, no need to contact me either.

I'd like to thank XTC for his help on fixing this.

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The case of the server crashes... The Story.

Jan 02 2015 05:41 PM | Sparks in Articles

Don't feel like typing actually, point is we found why the server has been crashing so much since Paralake days and such, shouldn't crash anymore. Give credits to XTC for helping out!

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