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Welp. My VIP poofed.

GMod Problem Center Today, 09:58 AM
Before the hibernation of the servers and the website, Sparks had fixed my VIP and had my at Gold. Now, it's back to just being a member. I can post the receipt and tell the story of why it's broken in the first place again, but I'm too lazy to write that at 3 in the morning. Thanks.
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Suggestions Today, 01:58 AM
So ummmm i was wondering that the ESD's could get an upgrade. You know. Just like in the movie "2Fast 2Furious" where the ESD's Spark and make the car slow down and shut off when the speed hits zero. I was wondering if you all could do that. And one more feature. When you take off the ESD. You ca...
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general questions I want answered!

General Discussion Yesterday, 10:59 PM
Are we still going to have our money? will we have our vip levels? are we going to keep the paralake map? ( I really like paralake)  what's going to be different? will we still have skateboards?  are you going to add new cars? Thanks for looking at this post   
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Free Windows 10 Upgrade

General Discussion Yesterday, 03:48 AM
If you have windows 7, 8, 8.1, there should be an icon in the notification area of the windows logo and you can sign up for a free full upgrade to windows 10 when it's released
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Am I staff or no?

Admin/Mod Discussion 31 May 2015
I've heard Dan, Savage, and Sparks say that I'm keeping staff but I havent seen any action taken on it (Staff on teamspeak and staff on forums).  I just want to know if I'm keeping it.
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      02 Jun

    Any general idea on when the server is going to open to the public?

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      01 Jun

    Anyone else like the old website look better? and I wonder if we'll still have our cash.

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